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I love my job. Everybody’s always happy to see me. It’s awesome.
ASHLEY WATTERSON Tocca Massage Therapy

Ashley's story

Becoming one of the most sought-after massage therapists between Detroit and Lansing, Michigan, wasn’t something that Ashley Watterson had planned. Her success has been more a matter of fate, laser focus, and business smarts.

While studying business and economics at Eastern Michigan University, it occurred to Ashley that a career crunching numbers just wasn’t going to work for her.

The wheels started turning when, at age 20 and still at school, she bought a house… from a massage therapist. The idea of massage therapy piqued her interest. “I thought,” she says, “if nothing else, I could do that instead of waiting tables to put myself through college.

So she got certified and honed her massage skills while finishing up her Bachelors in Business. In 2009, she opened up her own studio, Tocca (“touch” in Italian) Massage Therapy.

I love the Bookeo app. It syncs directly to my Google calendar.
ASHLEY WATTERSON Tocca Massage Therapy