New PayPal integrations available
Bookeo News
August 13, 2013

New PayPal integrations available

We’re pleased to announce that Bookeo now supports two new integrations with PayPal. You can now accept online payments using PayPal Payments Pro and PayPal PayFlow Pro accounts.

PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro is the step up from what is normally known as “PayPal”, i.e. PayPal Website Payments Standard.

With PayPal Payments Pro, your customers are not redirected to a PayPal page to pay, and you can also charge credit cards directly from within Bookeo. PayPal Payments Pro also supports credit card storage, so that with Bookeo you can ask for credit card details that you can then charge at a later time.

PayPal Payments Pro is the ideal solution if you already have a normal PayPal account and intend to streamline online payments for your customers. PayPal Payments Pro integrates a payment gateway and merchant processor in one entity, so that you only need to deal with PayPal for the setup of all you need.
PayPal Payments Pro is currently available in North America and UK.

PayPal Payflow Pro

PayPal Payflow Pro is another product offering from PayPal, which lets you integrate your PayPal account with an existing merchant processor/acquiring bank.
This is the ideal product if you already have a merchant account with a financial institution, or if PayPal Payments Pro is not available in your country.
PayPal Payflow Pro offers the same functionalities as PayPal Payments Pro. PayPal Payflow Pro is currently available in US, Canada, Australia.
To enable integration with wither of these two new gateways, simply login to your Bookeo account, click on Settings/Online payments, and select the payment gateway desired. Simple!

In any case, support for all the other payment gateways continues unchanged. For a full list, please see