Florida Escape Room says Bookeo’s user experience is best
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May 12, 2016

Florida Escape Room says Bookeo’s user experience is best

For our latest case study we headed to sunny Florida, where Bookeo clients Debra and Alex Beardsley run an escape room business called It’s A Trap!

Inspired by Debra’s experience at a New York City immersive theatre company and powered by Alex’s gaming and developer smarts, the couple opened their doors near their Orlando home turf in 2015.


At It’s A Trap!, fun-lovers can book their choice of several uniquely immersive adventures or customized on- and off-site parties and events. But what distinguishes It’s A Trap! from more standard escape rooms are the live professional actors who interact with players for the entire adventure. This unique twist is one of several reasons for the Beardsleys early success in the escape room genre.

So why did they choose Bookeo as their online booking system?

The perfect pricing model

A major reason the Beardsleys chose Bookeo for their online booking was the platform’s pricing model. They feel that the way taxes, convenience and other fees are handled makes a big difference to the customer.


Bookeo lets the Beardsleys set their prices and fees the way they want – so their customers don’t end up paying more than expected. Now they don’t have to worry about surprising their customers with extra fees or other “last minute” charges.

A robust API and easy add-ons

It’s A Trap! offers customization of every adventure with add-ons like date night tokens and personalized clue souvenirs. When shopping around for online booking, the Beardsleys found that many systems simply didn’t offer the flexibility they needed to create games the way they wanted. But Bookeo does.

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Additionally, the Beardsleys rely on a variety of sources to get the word out and keep bookings coming in seamlessly. Not only did Alex find Bookeo to be “really robust” when he signed up for the 30 day free trial, but he says he definitely takes advantage of Bookeo’s API as well.

Continuous, reliable backup

On many booking systems, recreating an entire game from scratch often means hours of drudgery and duplicated work. When Alex once accidentally deleted an entire It’s A Trap! game, he thought that’s what he was in for.

One quick message to Bookeo, however, and the game was completely restored in less than an hour. Bookeo’s triple server replicas are hosted in different datacenters, by different hosting companies in different cities, so all data is safe and backed up even in case of natural disasters.

With Disney World and Universal Studios around the corner, Orlando offers a lot for visitors and vacationers. But when you’re looking for smaller-scale, more personal entertainment, head north on Interstate 4 to Winter Park and say hi to Alex and Debra. The intimate theatrical touch at It’s A Trap! is sure to please thrill-seekers and escape room fans alike.