Tree Climbing Tour Company Thrives with Bookeo
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July 7, 2016

Tree Climbing Tour Company Thrives with Bookeo

While money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, Bookeo client Paul McCathie may have devised the next best thing. Goodleaf Tree Climbing, his 11 year old recreational tree climbing company, is thriving – and it’s poised to branch out even further this year.

Our case study scouts recently spoke with the certified arborist to find out how he felt Bookeo has helped his business grow. A client since 2012, McCathie says that Bookeo provides his customers with a quick and easy booking experience and gives him the freedom to enjoy a high quality of life with his family at a price that fits his budget, improves both his professional and personal life in several different ways.

A Great Customer Experience

Nestled within the natural beauty of the UK’s Isle of Wight, Goodleaf’s foremost goal is to bring the joy of climbing trees to people young and old. That’s not hard once they’ve scaled a stately oak and settled in for a peaceful afternoon overlooking the sea.

Paul McCathie Goodleaf

McCathie also wants his customers to have an equally serene booking experience. He chose Bookeo because it delivers a quick and user-friendly customer interface. It’s also easily accessible via any mobile device. And unlike many other booking platforms he researched, Bookeo never adds any annoying extra fees to the customer’s price: Bookeo only charges a low, fixed monthly fee.

A High Quality of Life

Cavorting with nature isn’t monsoons much fun in a downpour. That’s why many of Goodleaf’s reservations are made in the last minute, when local weather forecasts are most reliable. Paul’s bookings often come in less than a day ahead – some around midnight – so planning his days used to be tricky.


Now, instead of spending hours on the phone or missing calls when he’s instructing a climb or sleeping, Paul lets Bookeo automatically take 95% of his reservations. Bookeo gives him mobile access and interactivity with his staff’s up-to-the-minute schedule, and leaves him with plenty of undisturbed, quality time with his family whether they’re sharing a meal or hanging in a tree.

A Budget-Friendly Cost

Goodleaf Tree Climbing is a local, family run business. It takes place 100% outdoors, and operates from Easter to November every year. Paul had to find an online booking system that was flexible enough for his unique offerings but also priced to fit his company’s seasonal income.

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Paul found that Bookeo’s low flat monthly fee was not only affordable, but that it also includes plenty of features that he can customize specifically for his business. Bookeo offers the sophistication of higher-priced booking platforms along with the ability to scale with him, no matter how large his operation grows.


Summer holiday makers flock to the Isle of Wight for its sunny southern clime, natural beauty, and relaxed seaside ambience. But nothing beats taking in the ocean views while you’re comfortably perched in a hammock atop a 70-foot oak. Be sure to stop and see Paul and his family at Goodleaf Tree Climbing next time you’re in the vicinity.