Integration with Braintree by PayPal
Bookeo News
December 9, 2016

Integration with Braintree by PayPal

We are happy to announce that Bookeo has integrated Braintree by PayPal, a complete, secure payment gateway available in several countries.

With Braintree, you can accept online payments via credit card and PayPal directly from your booking page. You can also store credit card details and PayPal accounts for future purchases, and your customers can enroll and easily pay for recurring payment memberships via credit card or PayPal.

Accept online payments on your booking page via credit card and PayPal
With Braintree, your customers can pay for their bookings directly from your booking page, using PayPal or a credit card – without being redirected to a 3rd party website.

With PayPal One Touch™, your web customers sign into PayPal right from your Bookeo checkout page, and your mobile customers sign in through a seamless app or browser switch.

Returning customers can also opt to pay for bookings with their saved PayPal account, because Braintree stores the PayPal account for 6 months.

This results in fewer clicks, less friction, and improved conversion rates. It also reduces late notifications sent to Bookeo – if you integrate PayPal Payments Standard -, along with the number of discarded bookings due to late payments.

Charge credit card and PayPal payments from your Bookeo Calendar
With Braintree, you can charge a new or a saved credit card directly from your Bookeo Calendar for the balance of a booking or for a new booking.

If a customer previously made a payment using PayPal, you can also charge that PayPal account from your Calendar.

Charge recurring Membership Payments
Customers can enroll online for a membership with recurring payments and pay by credit card or PayPal.

If you have integrated PayPal Payments Standard to accept online payments with Bookeo, and are based in one of the countries supported by Braintree, and want to benefit from the features of Braintree, you can sign up for a new Braintree account here: It only takes a few minutes, and you can link your PayPal Business Account to Braintree via the Braintree Control Panel.

To see our tutorial on how to integrate Braintree go to: