Starting this business was truly a calling for me. And Bookeo has been a godsend.
MARIE DUCOTE Cajun Food Tours

Marie's Calling

For 14 years, Marie Ducote was a schoolteacher in Lafayette, Louisiana. For another 9, she was a school administrator. She loved the work, but after 23 years, she burned out. She needed to find a new passion. She went on education conferences in different cities around the country, and while she was there, she took time to go on a few food tours.

She loved each one – but knew her hometown’s authentic Cajun cuisine and colorful restaurateurs would beat them all, hands down. “How does Lafayette NOT have a food tour like this?” she wondered, never guessing that buying a bus and running her own food tour company was in her own destiny.

After months of soul-searching, Marie happily accepted her new calling, did her homework, and started Cajun Food Tours in Lafayette as a one-woman operation.

Like many new business owners, she answered all phone calls and took all booking information by hand.

People can book online even when they can’t get in touch with me by phone. About 70% of my bookings are made online with Bookeo.
MARIE DUCOTE Cajun Food Tours