“Bookeo is everything I was looking for.”
Irving Le Hen, Gamescape

Irving’s Story

Irving Le Hen was living in Paris, working as a dance instructor. But he also had another passion: games. Drawn like a magnet to live in-person gaming events, he was also fascinated by virtual games. So he set out to create a life more aligned with his inner avatar, almost buying a board game shop.

But deep down Irving knew that retail couldn’t sustain his joie de vivre. When a friend introduced him to escape rooms one day, his path was set. It wasn’t long before he opened the first Gamescape in Paris.

Today, Irving’s steampunk-clad staff assist as customers gleefully try to escape from La Bastille prison or Gustav Eiffel’s Belle Epoque office. Now a must-do destination, Gamescape has become so popular that Irving just opened a new location near Notre Dame.

“Switching to Bookeo was really easy, and we’re not going back!”
Irving Le Hen, Gamescape