Bookeo offers a simple customer experience, it wasn’t too complex for us to set up and it is priced very fairly for our needs.
PAUL MCCATHIE Goodleaf Tree Climbing

Paul's Mission

Raglan is a charming tropical town on New Zealand’s pristine west coast. It’s a fantastic place to surf and climb trees, and that’s exactly what Paul McCathie did while growing up there. He loved the outdoors so much that he studied arboriculture at the Waikato Institute of Technology, and was named Student of the Year when he graduated.

After a few years as an arborist in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, he decided to start his own business sharing the joys of tree climbing with others. After training with the experts at Tree Climbers International, he established Goodleaf Tree Climbing in the most “tropical” UK location he could find: The Isle of Wight.

Taking bookings while hanging in a tree is hard. It wasn’t long before Paul realized he was going to need to check out online booking systems.

95% of our bookings are made via Bookeo, the majority via a phone or tablet.
PAUL MCCATHIE Goodleaf Tree Climbing