My customers probably couldn’t do without Bookeo nowadays. People are online all night making appointments.
JOHN STICKNEY Boyd Anderson Photography

John's story

By the time he got his high school senior portrait taken, John Stickney was already a self-described “photography nerd.” He had no idea that the portrait photographer, Boyd Anderson, would play a life-changing role in his future career.

After graduating and refining his skills at a small photography studio, John got a job with Mr. Anderson, often taking portraits of seniors from his old school. It was 1975, he says, and photography – a skilled profession of art, chemistry, perseverance and even psychology – was “magic.”

John worked his way up to become Head Photographer and Manager. When his boss decided to retire in 1991, John and his wife Denise jumped at the chance to buy the business. They’ve been running Boyd Anderson Photography ever since, dedicated to their craft and to their Santee, California community.

We photograph about 4,000 high schools kids a year, so essentially that’s 4,000 less phone calls that we’re going to make.
JOHN STICKNEY Boyd Anderson Photography