Google Apps integration
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January 20, 2011

Google Apps integration

We are big fans of Google Apps.
If you don’t know it yet, it is an entire ecosystem of web based applications provided by Google, oriented to companies and organizations.

You get email for your domain (i.e. for each person in your company, accessible from the web, Outlook, and any mobile. You get personal calendars. You get online document editing (simplified versions of Word, Excel, etc). You get shared contacts. You get 7Gb of storage.
And all for free! Something like 3 million businesses use it, and we are obviously among them.

The most interesting part is that you can add other applications to your account, and access them with a single click. No separate logins, passwords, and so on. Everything becomes one seamless experience, and you spend less time wrestling with bookmarks, usernames, passwords, and more time growing your business.

And now you can integrate Bookeo too! If you have a Google apps account, you can simply add Bookeo to your Google Apps account. Just click on the “more” link at the top left, click on “Find more services” and search for “bookeo”.

Then click on the big Add It Now button, and… you’re done! Bookeo will now be added to your “more” menu, and you can access it directly.

your new application, one click away

If you already have a Bookeo registered with your Google Apps email address, you will be brought directly into your Bookeo account. If you don’t have a Bookeo account yet, you will start the setup wizard to create a new one.

And what if you want to add other users (staff? receptionist?) to your Bookeo account? Simply add them in the account/Users page. From that moment on, all the users will be able to access their Bookeo account from the “more” menu in Google Apps. It could not be any easier.

Tip┬áremember that you can view your Bookeo schedule in Google Calendar as well! Simply click on the “iCal” button in your Bookeo Calendar page.