Facebook customer login
Bookeo News
April 28, 2011

Facebook customer login

When your goal is to get new customers, make sure that it is easy for them to engage with you online.
The less work they have to do to book an appointment, the more bookings you get – it’s almost a law of nature.

This is why we recently launched an important new feature – simplified customer signup and sign in using Facebook.

Most people have a Facebook account nowadays – apparently 650 million of them, and counting!

With this new feature, when a customer is asked to sign up or sign in during the booking process, instead of going through the whole tedious process of typing in their details, choosing (or remembering) a password, etc…

…. they just click one button!

a new button to speed up bookings

The new ‘Sign in with Facebook’ button lets your customers sign in with just one click.

The first time they use it, Facebook will ask them if it’s ok to share their basic details with Bookeo. Another click to accept, but it won’t be necessary again.

And when they return for a new booking, or to purchase a prepaid package, or to buy a gift voucher… it’s just one click again. No password to remember.

As an added bonus, when a customer makes a booking using the Facebook sign in, Bookeo will automatically show their profile picture in your calendar and in the customer detail page. And you can even go and visit their Facebook page in one click – time to “friend” them, perhaps?

your customer’s profile picture is imported automatically in Bookeo


By clicking on the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ button your customers will breeze through the booking process. Less work for them, more bookings for you!