Cooking Classes for the Traveling Foodie
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April 18, 2017

Cooking Classes for the Traveling Foodie

If you’re a foodie, it’s possible that your love for food exceeds all other relationships. You stop what you’re doing to try the latest blogged about food item. Whether you’re trying the New York Rainbow Bagel or Vietnamese Pho, you will travel far and wide to taste all different types of food. Being a foodie is as much about the food as it is about the experience of travelling to find it.

Because of foodies, the role of food in travelling has progressed from grabbing a quick bite while on the road to a full on culinary experience. Food is no longer part of the background: it has been thrust quickly to the forefront as a leading player in travelling activities. With the onset of cooking shows and foodies on social media, now, more than ever, food has often become the sole reason for travelling.


Aside from eating like the locals or going on food tours, some tourists have upgraded to the next step and take cooking classes. Cooking classes are offered in many cities all around the world and provide a culinary experience into the basics of the regional specialties. Cooking classes offer a unique perspective to the local cuisine, allowing people to immerse themselves in the food culture of their destination.

Cooking classes go beyond making cheesesteaks in Philly or pizza in Chicago. While there are tours that teach you how to make the proper pizza, cooking classes dive much deeper than that. People get hands on experience in making full course meals or desserts. For the travelling foodie, this is an excellent opportunity to find new recipes and new favorite dishes. Not to mention a great Instagram photo op!


Due to their popularity, it’s advised that you book your class ahead of time. While there are some classes that do allow drop-ins, online reservations are much preferred. Online reservation systems make it easy for interested foodies to book their cooking classes.

There’s no better way to incorporate food into your travels than by learning how it’s made. If you’re a foodie, consider booking a cooking class for your next travelling adventure. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn how to make ceviche or roll sushi due to a full class!