4 Classes that Fitness-Minded Entrepreneurs Can Open
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February 10, 2018

4 Classes that Fitness-Minded Entrepreneurs Can Open

Thin waist. Defined muscles. Glowing skin. These are just a few of the elements that people working to get fit are striving to achieve. With spring in the air and the weather getting warmer, the desire to be fit is becoming more and more transparent. As we begin to shed our winter coats for warm weather shorts and shirts, the realization that arms and legs are back on display is enough to make anyone hit the gym over time. For the right entrepreneur who has an interest in fitness, this is the perfect time to start making your fitness business a reality.

Everywhere you turn, a new gym is opening up. New gym, same machines. For the fitness-minded entrepreneur, the market for gyms is becoming saturated. Unless you’re able to corner a specific niche or offer something that other gyms fail to, you could very well fall into the noise of every other gym. Instead of a gym, have you considered offering classes?

With the right niche, reliable class scheduling software, and the perfect space, you can create the perfect workout class that your community will love. Here are a few great ideas to consider:

Pole Dancing
Pole dancing is not a just nighttime activity anymore. The negative connotation has gone out the window. Pole dancing is a great way to test the capabilities and strengths of your body. It provides a serious, full body workout that helps strengthen your core and overall toning of muscles. You lift, climb, and spin, working out a variety of muscle groups that we often neglect in regular gym workouts. Additionally, bachelorette and birthday groups have taken an interest in booking parties at pole dancing gyms. It’s a great way to take on extra income through your business.

The tried and true yoga studio has stood the test of time. While you may think opening a yoga studio is just as monotonous as opening up another gym, the truth is, there is no shortage of yoga studios around. When it comes to yoga, it’s about finding a studio that offers the right type of yoga, fits into your schedule, and doesn’t have too many people. That’s why the more yoga studios, the better. Keep your class sizes small and the environment intimate. You’re guaranteed to have a winner.

You and your clients can relive your collective childhood ballet days with a good barre workout. Barre classes have increased in prevalence and are the latest fitness trend around. Barre-based classes incorporate a combination of poses from ballet, Pilates, and yoga. The focus of these workouts is geared toward isometric strength training. Small range motions, lightweights, and mat workouts are sometimes involved, but a majority of the workout revolves around isolating and working out specific muscle groups at a time.

Rock Climbing
For the fitness expert who is bored with conventional workouts, this one is for you. One of the more exciting and adventure-seeking options on the list, rock climbing provides the fitness thrill many seek. This is a skill-based workout that has evolved from a simple training course to a full-fledged workout routine that many people enjoy.  A rock climbing gym consists of different walls, all with varying levels of difficulty and courses. The focus is to work on endurance, balance, flexibility, and strength.

If you’re a fitness-minded entrepreneur looking for the right business to open, look no further than these 4 classes mentioned above. They offer something for everyone. These 4 classes are in hot demand, so it’s important you implement the right marketing and class scheduling software to guarantee that your business stays in tip-top shape.