Want More International Bookings?
Small Business
March 10, 2020

Want More International Bookings?

Many business owners cannot say “booking” in Japanese or Chinese. Yet in the United States, England, and Australia, the number of non-English speaking consumers is growing at an increasing rate every year.  In the US alone, over 20% of the entire population – about 67 million people – do not speak English at home.  If your business wants to avoid blocking 20 percent of the population from committing to international bookings, they need to change the way they do online business.

In addition to changing demographics, international tourism is also increasing. That means even more non-English speaking potential customers, not only for tour operators, but for vacation activities like spas and classes popular with tourists, like cooking and yes, languages.

If these potential customers cannot understand your website, they cannot be converted into sales. And while several website translation platforms are out there, they offer limited language choices – and most lack functionality in e-commerce shopping and online booking widgets.

To capitalize on the growing non-English speaking market, proactive businesses must integrate seamless multi-lingual interactivity into their online presence. Full interactivity in custom languages means your website, bookings, and auto-responders can be understood and accessible by millions of new, non-English speaking potential customers.

When you can “speak” to potential customers in their native tongue, you expand your customer base by making international bookings simple and customer friendly. This is a crucial element in gaining trust, conversions, repeat business, and referrals with growing non-English speaking markets.

It is our goal to help you unlock your company’s full potential. One of the best ways to expand your audience is to show those people who do not speak English in their homes that you care enough to optimize your website to their language of choice. We look forward to opening a whole new world of opportunities for your business by delivering the best language service on the market today. Ready to increase your international bookings? Bookeo can help.