Shorten lines and wait times in the COVID-19 pandemic
Small Business
June 25, 2020

Shorten lines and wait times in the COVID-19 pandemic

Customers don’t like to wait in queues. But reducing the risk and spread of infection both indoors and outdoors is a now major priority for them — and for business owners around the world.

So how can you keep your shop, center, place of worship, pool, or gym running smoothly in this new era of social distancing and indoor capacity limits?

With online booking, you can keep your clients happy while ensuring short lines outside your premises and limiting the number of people in-store.

Online booking lets customers book their own time slot before they visit your premises. That means they can avoid a long queue because they can arrive at their pre-set scheduled time. An online booking system also lets you limit the number of people inside your premises at any particular time. This means you can stay compliant with local regulations while giving your clients peace of mind when they visit.

With a flexible online booking system, you set the time and capacity for each available slot. Using their own devices, your clients can then view availability in real-time and book their own visit. Prior to their visit, a good booking system will also send them a booking confirmation as well as a reminder by email and/or SMS.

The result? You reduce scheduling gaps, wait times, and in-store numbers. Your staff can stay responsive by keeping track of bookings and receiving notifications on their devices anywhere, anytime.

Most important, your customers will appreciate being able to choose a time that fits their own schedule, avoiding lengthy waits in queues outside of your premises, and knowing that their safety is important to you.