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TOM ASHWELL RibRide Adventure Boat Tours

Tom’s Story

Tom Ashwell is a former yacht captain for the rich and famous, Ivy League sailing coach, and Caribbean windsurfing coach. He met his business partner, Phil Scott, while sailing around the world. Like Ashwell, Scott had been sailing since early childhood and worked in the Caribbean charter world for 8 years.

Settling into marriage and family brought both men back home to the UK, where they worked as boat consultants. “We bought a fast, nice RIB [Rigid Inflatable Boat] for ourselves,” says Ashwell, “and only offered it commercially for the tax benefits.

People started calling for rides, and the business gathered momentum faster than expected. Today, RibRide is in high demand year-round, offering several different themed adventure boat tours along the Anglesey’s naturally and historically spectacular cliffs, castles, and islands.

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TOM ASHWELL RibRide Adventure Boat Tours