Bookeo is easy to use on the back end, and it’s flexible.
Amy Burke, Flavours School of Cookery

Amy and Des’ Story

Amy and Des Burke were both trained as chefs. They worked together at The Savoy Hotel in London before traveling through Australia, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore. There they gained first-hand knowledge about the region’s unique ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques.

Returning back to the UK, the culinary couple cooked in several high-profile kitchens including The Square Restaurant, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Foliage Restaurant, and their own award-winning One High Street restaurant.

After a few years of private teaching, Amy and Des decided it was time to branch out and start their own cooking school. “We started off with eight students,” says Amy, “and we’ve now got just under 6000 on the books.”

Bookeo is definitely worth the cost.
Amy Burke, Flavours School of Cookery