I get an email every time someone makes a booking. So even when I’m out of the country I can see I’m still making money.
MARK MURPHY Oyster Diving and Travel Centre

Mark's story

Working at a marketing agency in Central London can offer gratification, but it wasn’t exactly what Mark Murphy called a thrilling career. He found himself adding excitement to his life by taking diving holidays around the world.

In time, says Mark, “I got the bug for diving”. He realized that he could be working in sunnier climates, diving all day, and getting paid for it. It wasn’t long before he handed in his notice and headed for the Virgin Islands.
Over the next two years, Mark earned his Master Scuba Diver Instructor certification and taught diving in the Caribbean, Thailand, and the Red Sea.

Eventually, however he returned to the UK to start his own PADI Scuba dive school: Oyster Diving and Travel Centre.

We’ve kind of grown since we’ve had Bookeo. And part of that growth is down to having an online booking system.
MARK MURPHY Oyster Diving and Travel Centre