I've always enjoyed working with my hands and teaching, and Good Dirt Clay Studio affords me both of these opportunities on a daily basis
ROB SUTHERLAND Good Dirt Clay Studio

Rob's Mission

After earning three science degrees, including a doctorate from Oxford University, Rob Sutherland found himself in need of a creative outlet. So he took a few ceramics classes back home in Athens, Georgia. He was hooked.

As he worked with the clay, he became fascinated by the processes and the freedom of expression of ceramics. He started teaching classes at Good Dirt Clay Studio, and found that he loved that too. So he bought the studio, intent on providing people of all ages and abilities with a place to express themselves artistically.

Good Dirt Clay Studio is now open 24 hours a day so that students can create whenever they’re inspired, day or night. Without seeking donations or government support, Rob’s mission to bring the joy of ceramics to his community means keeping overhead low while offering easy accessibility to anyone who’s interested.

Bookeo has freed up enormous amounts of time that used to be spent collecting booking information over the phone
ROB SUTHERLAND Good Dirt Clay Studio