Choices, choices…
Bookeo News
November 3, 2010

Choices, choices…

Every business is different. Have a look around at web sites of businesses that are in the same market (beauty therapists, massage therapists, business consultants, you name it), and every business has something different from the others.

A business may be a one person shop, another may have 20 consultants in 4 different cities. Another business may not even have a “shop”, but visit customers directly instead. Or be in the shop during the week, and on the road on weekends (and what about time off?).

When designing Bookeo, we studied a lot of businesses to understand what they needed. And then built something that was flexible enough to satisfy most of the needs out there. Not all, admittedly, but most.

Then came the fun: once we have built a product that is very flexible, how to help users make the most of it? We soon realized that a simple, guided wizard was the only sensible way forward, and that is what you see when you sign up with Bookeo. But we had to leave out of the wizard many other options and features, to keep it simple.

This is why it pays to wander around the “Settings” area of your account to discover what more you can do.
Add services. Set different prices, ex. for weekends. Or set some staff to work only part-time. Or add multiple locations.

But, of course, there is also a faster alternative. Just click on the little ‘get help’ link at the top of the page, and get in touch with us! We are passionate about scheduling for small businesses, maybe because we’ve learnt so much in studying them. In fact, whenever we browse past one of these small business web sites, we instinctively work out in our mind how to set them up in Bookeo!

So chances are that we can setup your booking site in no time, the way you wanted it, but never dared to ask. Until today!