Gorgeous new grid design, new after-midnight display option and service blurb
Bookeo News
May 4, 2024

Gorgeous new grid design, new after-midnight display option and service blurb

Bookeo is delighted to unveil three new customizable features designed to help you showcase your services: a fresh new booking page layout design, easily visible (and bookable) after-midnight games and tours slots, and attention-grabbing service blurbs in the grid layout.

These updates are tailored to help highlight your classes, tours, games, or workshops in a visually appealing way while streamlining your customer’s booking experience. Read on to learn how these innovative features work – and how they can benefit your business.

Stunning new booking page grid design

Showcase your classes, tours, games, and workshops in an eye-catching grid layout, complete with attention-getting background images, same-day booking slots, and intriguing blurbs. This smart new design gives your customers a comprehensive view of your services and makes it easier for them to see availability at a glance.

Customers can also view upcoming Events and Courses with their dates.

Learn more about Bookeo’s ingenious new grid layout option in our support articles below:

Show your after-midnight games and tours

Unlock the full potential of your late-night games and tours with our new after-midnight display option. Perfect for businesses serving night owl customers, this feature lets your customers see and book slots that start after midnight without having to switch to the next day.

When using the booking mode that showcases all upcoming activities in the new grid layout, these after-midnight slots can seamlessly follow the last game or tour of the day, marked with an asterisk (*) for easy identification.

Learn about displaying your post-midnight games and tours here

New service blurbs to drive bookings

In the traditional (and new) grid layout, you can now display a brief description of your services to spark customer interest and help them decide which service to book. This marketing-savvy feature helps you connect with “just browsing” clients and convey what makes your offerings unique.

Learn more about the new blurb option here

These updates are designed to help your business attract more bookings. Take a moment to explore them and see how they can help you stand out in today’s competitive market.

Please let us know how these new features are working for you. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!