Workshops and group classes
Bookeo News
January 10, 2011

Workshops and group classes

In the last couple of weeks we’ve quietly launched a major new feature: support for workshops, events and group classes.

Now you can set up events that can accept multiple people at the same time, such as workshops and classes, and take bookings
for those as well.

The events can run on a regular schedule (ex. every Tuesday and Friday at 5 PM), or on specific dates, so that you have total control of your schedule.

For each event you can set how many seats are available, what consultant is running it (if you want to specify it), what room it is run in, etc. All the upcoming events show up in a separate section of the calendar, but they also show up in
the calendar of the consultant/therapist/teacher running them.

You can even choose two different modes of displaying upcoming workshops to the customers – by date (when the customer want something specific, and is wondering when it will be available), or by workshops (when the customer just wants to see
what is coming up next).

You obviously benefit from all the other advanced Bookeo features, such as online payments, gift vouchers, notifications, reminders, promotions, prepaid packages, and more!

We hope you will find this new feature useful! Drop us a lineto let us know what you think!