Viral marketing made easy
Bookeo News
April 20, 2011

Viral marketing made easy

All marketing gurus keep telling us that word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is… and it’s free!

That is very nice in theory, but how can you actually put it to good use, and entice your customers to tell their friends how much they love your services?
How do you make it super-easy to spread the word?
How do you give your customers an incentive to do it?

We’ve thought about this problem for a while, and designed a new feature in Bookeo that goes a long way to make viral marketing easy, fun and rewarding!

Now you can ask your customers to share their new appointment/booking with their friends, on Facebook and/or Twitter. It only takes them one click, so it’s super easy. Their friends see the post, click on the embedded ‘Join me!’ link, and they get straight to your site’s booking page.

To give an incentive, you can offer a credit to the customer that successfully refers other friends, and even apply a special promotion (ex. 5% discount) to friends that make a booking after a referral.

Not only it is extremely easy for your customers to spread the word, but with a little incentive you can give them a very good reason to do it! And since all the credits / promotions are applied only if a referred friend makes an actual booking, you never lose money!

Now, if only all forms of advertising were that simple…

How does it work?

the customer is invited to share the booking with their friends


with just two clicks, Bookeo posts a message on the user’s Facebook wall
(or Twitter)
a friend clicks on the ‘Join me’ link, and makes a new booking.
An optional promotion is applied


when the friend completes the booking (new customer!),
an optional credit is given to the original customer, who can use it in the future