New feature: business reports!
Bookeo News
May 7, 2011

New feature: business reports!

We’re pleased to announce a new feature just launched on Bookeo – business reports!
Now you can get full reports of your business activity, to comply with regulations, extract data and stats for internal use, and so on.

All reports are visible on screen and can also be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets.

easy interface

Booking report
Not only you can download details about all appointments between two dates, but you can filter the results they way you like. Ex. only appointments for a particular service, or involving a particular consultant/teacher, or using a particular promotion…

You can also use advanced data aggregation to get an insight into your business. Ex. a report of all bookings by consultant. How many appointments did each consultant handle? How much revenue did this generate? How many hours worked?

Or you could get a report about all promotions: how many appointments were brought by each promotion? How much revenue?

staff report

Again: what is the most popular service offered?

service popularity

The possibilities are endless.

Customer report
This is a far simpler and more straight forward report, but very useful. Get a list of all the customers, total appointments, cancellations, and most importantly view the time of their next appointment and the time of their last appointment, so that you can take appropriate actions (follow up calls? etc).

Business intelligence is a powerful tool to optimize and grow your business – now you can use all the data that Bookeo collects about your activity in an easy and effective way!

To start creating reports, click on Marketing/Reports in your account.