New! 2-Way sync with Google Calendar
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August 19, 2011

New! 2-Way sync with Google Calendar

We’re happy to announce the public availability of 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar!

Your can now synchronize in real time, and hands-free all your Bookeo appointments and classes, tours, workshops directly with selected calendars in your Google Calendar account.

At the same time, you can view in Bookeo your appointments from your calendars in your Google Calendar account. The integration is complete, flexible, and completely automatic! Just set and forget.

Google Calendar (either standalone or as part of Google Apps) is by far the most popular web calendaring application out there, so it was only natural that we integrated your appointment scheduling directly into Google Calendar.

This integration goes well beyond the old iCal-based synchronization, because:

  • your Bookeo appointments appear in real time in Google Calendar, without delays. On the other hand, iCal sync to Google can have delays of up to 24 hours (a well known Google issue, unfortunately)
  • the synchronization is 2-way
Of course Google Calendar is also tightly integrated with all Android phones, which means that this new feature will also let you sync Bookeo with your Android device. A big bonus for mobile workers.
So, how does it look?
The looks are those already very familiar:

the same events in Bookeo and Google Calendar

How does it work?
For full details on how to configure your 2-way synchronization, see the dedicated article in our help portal:

This was an important feature, which required extensive beta testing before public launch. We wish to thank all customers who volunteered to beta test. Good job!