New features, small and big
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August 12, 2011

New features, small and big

We continuously work to add new features and small tweaks to Bookeo.
However since Bookeo is a web based application, and users do not need to do anything to upgrade the software, sometimes many of the smaller improvements are not noticed.

Very often they’re too small to merit a full blog post, so we’ll try to keep a weekly post to summarize the smaller improvements that were released during the week.

In the last 2 weeks we released the following:

  • option to show the number of available seats of a class/tour/workshop, when they’re shown to the customer as listing . This was a popular request from tour operators, thanks for the heads up! Note that Bookeo will automatically hide the Book button if there are not enough seats for a tour, but sometimes it’s nice to see the availability anyway.
  • more customization options for the booking interface. You can now change the color of the black title bar, the color of the buttons, and hide the icon from the buttons. This in addition to all the customization options already available
  • now all custom fields are always included in booking reports
  • non-manager users are no longer allowed to import/export customers
  • post-to-facebook and post-to-twitter now work even with accented characters
  • on rare occasions, on slow computers, the bottom lines of the booking widget may have been cut off. this is now fixed
  • printing of a class/tour manifest now fixed for IE9
real-time tour availability


How often do we upgrade Bookeo?
This is a question that we’re asked often. The answer is… very often! Sometimes even every day, but more commonly at least once a week.
Most likely however you will never notice it…