More anti-spam measures to get your emails delivered
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September 23, 2011

More anti-spam measures to get your emails delivered

Bookeo can send emails to you and your customers in many occasions, such as:

  • booking confirmations sent to your customers
  • appointment reminders
  • booking notifications sent to you and other selected users
  • notifications of changes and cancellations
  • notification of new membership subscriptions
  • etc…

It is then essentials to ensure that emails are always delivered on time to the intended recipients.

Bookeo uses a dedicated mail delivery company, SendGrid, to deliver all these emails. Using a dedicated company rather than sending emails ourselves has many advantages. These companies typically receive preferential treatment by the large ISPs and mail services (GMail, Hotmail, etc.) because they have stringent controls and reputation systems to block spammers. This means that messages sent through these companies are less likely to be delayed, blocked or sent to the Junk folder by the mail service providers.


We also adhere to the most relevant protocols in terms of anti-spam, and all emails sent by Bookeo are digitally signed using the DKIM standard, and further pre-authorized using the SPF standard.


A note about the From address in the emails sent by Bookeo 
By default, Bookeo sends email to your customers using the From address of “”.
If you want emails to be sent using your business’ email address, simply set it in the Settings/Business details and logo page of your account. These details will also be included in the header of every email, so it’s the perfect place to list your street address, phone numbers, etc.

If your email address domain uses SPF records to identify emails sent by you, make sure to ‘authorize’ Bookeo to send emails on your behalf.. To do so, simply add the following to the SPF record of your domain:

Example of a complete SPF record:
v=spf1 mx ~all

As usual, if you have any questions about how Bookeo sends your emails, simply drop us a line on our help portal!