New features for the last week
Bookeo News
November 4, 2011

New features for the last week

We’ve been quite busy in the last week with many new features.
Some of the things we’ve done are not visible, but are important changes in the back engine.
However others are very much visible and include:

  • new option to ask for credit card billing address, separated from the customer main address. This is useful for those payment gateways, such as, that can perform validation checks using the billing address of a credit card
  • possibility to hide prices until the confirmation page. This is useful when you offer services whose price varies with days of the week/times, so that customers only see the final price without getting confused by sudden changes
  • a nice ‘spinning wheel’ image is now displayed while your booking widget is loading. especially useful for customers on slow connections
  • Dutch and Danish translations
The new translations were contributed by volunteers. Thanks for your help!
We have more things to release for next week, stay tuned…