Faster login with remember me
Bookeo News
December 5, 2012

Faster login with remember me

Some of you may have noticed a small check box in the login page, called ‘remember me’.

By clicking this option before you login, you can tell Bookeo to remember you login in your browser for a week, so that next time you want to access Bookeo, all you need to do is to visit the signin page (always and you’ll be whisked through without delay.

Of course you should not use this option when accessing Bookeo from a public computer, and in any case there are several safeguards to protect your account. To read about this in more details, visit the tutorial in our help portal:

Remember me is a useful addition to Bookeo to make it work more like any other desktop application. You can even place a shortcut to Bookeo directly in your desktop, and launch it with a double-click!