Run a tour/class only when a min. number of participants is reached
Bookeo News
April 23, 2013

Run a tour/class only when a min. number of participants is reached

It is a fairly common requirement for many tour companies: you offer a very special, unusual tour, which may not always attract many visitors. To run the tour costs time, money, fuel, etc.

Or you may have a one-off class or a course, and you are not sure about how much interest it will attract, and you only want to run it if there are enough participants.

So how do you make sure that you remain profitable, by running a tour or class only when a minimum number of participants is reached?

This is now easy with Bookeo.

It has always been possible to enable the “Accept/deny” feature for a tour or class. When this is enabled, customers do not make a booking online, but only a “Request”. It is up to you then to accept pending requests. When you accept, an email is sent to the customer, and if there is a payment required, the customer must pay within a certain time to confirm the booking.

It is now possible to go even further. You can tell Bookeo to automatically accept pending requests for a tour or class, when a minimum number of participants (across all bookings and pending requests) has been reached.

This makes the handling of special tours and classes with minimum participants requirements totally automatic:

  • bookings are just pending requests (not confirmed)
  • when the minimum number of participants is reached, bookings are automatically confirmed, pending payment
As tour operator/school manager you can now set all this in auto-pilot, and focus on running your business rather than tracking requests, pending payments, and all the boring administration!