New Mobile Booking Interface
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April 5, 2013

New Mobile Booking Interface

Bookeo now sports a brand new mobile booking interface!

Your customers can make and change bookings, check their profile, enroll in memberships, and much more, all from their smartphone and tablet devices.

Bookeo will automatically detect mobile devices and will present them an interface designed appositely for the device’s capabilities and screen size.

The new interface sports large controls, simplified navigation, and an overall “mobile” feel with which your customers will be immediately familiar with. And all this without sacrificing any of the powerful features offered by Bookeo, such as secure online payments and deposits, booking cart, prepaid credits, promotions, gift vouchers, photo and video galleries, options, and so much more.

As for the desktop version, the new mobile interface is so easy to use that there is no need for instructions on how to use it. Just try it by visiting your booking page using your smartphone or tablet!

Do I need to change anything in my settings or in my web site to use the new mobile interface?
No. You do not need to change anything. Bookeo will automatically detect mobile devices and will automatically display the interface optimized for the device.

I embedded the booking widget in my web site. Does the widget still work for mobile devices?
Yes. If the widget detects a mobile device it will automatically “zoom in” so that the booking interface takes full screen on the device, allowing larger controls, and easier navigation for your customers.

Following are some random screenshots that show the various functionalities in mobile devices. But best of all… try making a booking using your smartphone yourself, to see how it works!

The new mobile interface has been in beta testing for a while, and was progressively rolled out to our customers around the world during March. Thanks to all the customers that provided feedback and suggestions to improve the interface!

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