New feature: recurring appointments
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March 31, 2014

New feature: recurring appointments

After a busy period of development and testing, we’re happy to announce a new major feature for Bookeo: recurring appointments.

You can now let your staff and your users book recurring appointments with ease, with the flexibility to set repeat frequency (every x days, weeks, months, on fixed days of the week, etc.), and total number of visits.

Bookeo handles automatically all the rest, including calculating the price, the deposit due at the time of booking, balancing the usage of prepaid credits, money credits, promotions and so on.

Another important functionality is that when the booking is made by a staff, Bookeo will automatically show which dates and times are available for every appointment in the series, and if one time is not available it can show you available times around that date to manually reschedule a single appointment in the series.


When customers make a booking, you can allow them to book repeat appointments, and set how many repeats they’re allowed to book. Bookeo will let them choose settings for the recurrence, and will automatically calculate what times are available in every recurrent date.

We have strived to keep the process extremely simple and intuitive, even if there is a lot of flexibility. In beta testing we found that most users and customers found the process so intuitive that they needed no help in making a complex recurring appointment.

Once a recurring series of appointments is created, you and your staff can change it very easily. You can change a single appointment, or the whole series, and cancel one particular appointment, or all remaining appointments.


If you have enabled online changes and cancellations for customers, they can do these operations on recurring series as well.

Finally, recurring appointments are available not just for one-to-one services, but also for classes, workshops and group tours.

This was one of the most requested features, and we certainly took the time to implement it well, in a flexible yet intuitive way. We’ll hope you’ll find it useful!

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