New feature now live: late enrollments for courses
Bookeo News
August 21, 2014

New feature now live: late enrollments for courses

We get so many great ideas and valuable feedback from you and we always look to implement the top voted suggestions.

Late enrollment for courses has been one of the most requested features we’ve received over the past few months. We are pleased to announce that this feature is now live! Yes, that’s right. You can now accept late enrollments for courses and also set a pro-rated fee based on the number of classes left to book.

Accept late enrollments

For each course you offer, you can set if and upto which class – after the course has started – you want to accept late online enrollments.

How to set late enrollments

Set a pro-rated price for late enrollments

You can charge the total cost of the course for late enrollments, or if you prefer, you can set a pro-rated fee that Bookeo will automatically charge for each class.

For example you can set:

  • the price of a 10 week course @ $120, and
  • charge a pro-rated fee of $13/class for late enrollments. In this case, a customer enrolling for the last 8 weeks of the course would be charged $104 (=$13/class X 8 classes).

As usual, we have prepared a step by step online tutorial to help you understand and set up this new feature at

Play around with it and let us know what you think!