New feature: Generic gift vouchers
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December 22, 2014

New feature: Generic gift vouchers

In keeping with the festive spirit of the season, we have added a great new way for you to increase sales right now and all year round: generic gift vouchers.

Generic gift vouchers are “virtual cash” gift cards that can be sold in specific amounts, like $50 or $100, and can be used to book any service you offer. This also gives the voucher recipients the flexibility to book their favorite service.

What does this new feature mean for you?

It means that now you have the option to sell two types of gift vouchers with Bookeo: Specific service gift vouchers – that can be used to book only a specified service, like a 30-minute Swedish massage – and our new Generic gift vouchers. Or if you prefer, you can opt to sell only one type of gift voucher.

Of course, we’ve covered all the angles to make sure selling your gift vouchers goes smoothly from sale to redemption. Read on for the details…

Sell gift vouchers by phone or in person on Bookeo Calendar

Bookeo now makes it easy to sell specific and generic gift vouchers directly from your Bookeo Calendar. This is a great feature when customers call you on the phone, or come in to your shop and want to purchase a gift voucher in person.

You can simply go to your Bookeo Calendar and click on the Gift Voucher icon at the bottom right to sell a gift voucher – specific or generic.

You can even process the payment within Bookeo, or record a manual payment, for example if the customer pays by cash or debit card.

Keep track of gift voucher sales and redemption
Bookeo automatically tracks all of your gift voucher sales and redemption activity. And if a customer redeems a generic gift voucher and the full amount is not used, the unused balance is automatically credited to that customer’s account and can be used against any future booking.

You can always see the gift vouchers purchased and redeemed by your customers from the Customer Details card, while customers can view their gift voucher activity from the Customer Area.

And, of course, all these data are also available in your Bookeo Reports :-).
We’re excited to offer these new features at the perfect time for the festive season gift-giving. Be sure to check them out and let us know how they’re working for you.

As usual we have prepared a tutorial to explain in detail how the new generic gift voucher feature works at
Happy gift vouchering!