Bookeo is now a franchising ninja too.
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June 12, 2015

Bookeo is now a franchising ninja too.

When we recently talked to Edward and Dana Gainer of Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party, we already had a pretty smug feeling that they were happy with Bookeo for their local business in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

What we didn’t know was that they’re so convinced of Bookeo’s selling power that for years they’ve actually been including it as an integral part of their own internationally-marketed franchise package.

Shucks. That’s downright flattering.

And what we’re loving the most? All of their 69 independent owners – in Canada, the U.S., and over to Nigeria, Africa – are finding their own business success using Bookeo for online booking.

“Bookeo is our go-to reservation system.”

Dana says that Bookeo is an integral part of their franchisee video game truck business package, which includes a fully tricked-out mobile game theater, training, website, social media setup, and “the best booking system: Bookeo!

So how did Bookeo level up to this sick kill ratio? (Non-gamer translation: “How did Bookeo earn this honored status?”).

The Gainers say they learned all about online booking systems the hard way, when they first bought their own mobile game truck business from a franchiser a few years back. The purchase included a booking system, but it was controlled completely by the franchise seller. The system didn’t allow the Gainers to input their local pricing, service descriptions, photos, or promotion codes.


And the fact that the system crashed a lot wasn’t helping.

We wanted a booking system that we could design to match our needs, that we controlled, that we could count on,” says Dana, “And we wanted to pay a reasonable price.”

After trying a few other booking methods with spotty results, the Gainers found Bookeo. They’ve been with us ever since.

Customers love Bookeo’s transparent booking experience

According to Dana, her local Rockin’ Rollin’ Video Game Party customers find Bookeo very easy to navigate, and “I think they appreciate the pricing and pictures of the events being easy to find and review.

She says that most of their customers – 85% – book online with Bookeo. They like the immediate confirmation they get when their booking is accepted, “and they pay within minutes.”

Bookeo “absolutely” helps sales, she says. “Our competition is often part of a larger company where customers have to call for pricing or enter their zip code. We don’t do any of that. We let potential customers know that they can hold the date without immediate obligation to pay, while they double check with their organization or family.”

With Bookeo, says Dana, it’s “very easy for people to see what a blast our gamers have, in pictures and videos of our events, and then fill out a quick reservation to hold their date and time. It’s perfect.”

Business owners love Bookeo’s flexibility

Dana and Edward pride themselves on treating their owner-operators with transparency and honesty – like family members, not like traditional franchisees. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking is what gives their mobile entertainment owners the independence and control that Dana and Edward found lacking when they were starting out.

It’s also why they use Bookeo as opposed to any other online booking system: “We set up Bookeo to our new owners’ specifications,” says Dana. “We do a training call, and they take it from there, with complete control over their bookings.”

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Our mobile video game party business owners love the Bookeo reservation system because they can they can change their pricing, promo codes, travel charges, and add-ons as needed. They can even personalize their automatic reminder emails, thank you emails, specials, links, pictures and videos, all with their own personality.”

Bookeo’s mobile interface, iCal and Google Calendar functions are particularly helpful to new franchisees who are still working another full time job. They can accept bookings on the go, update an event or even call or email a customer right from the booking link in their calendar.

We guess it’s no wonder Edward and Dana Gainer recommend Bookeo to their franchisees, friends and colleagues.

After all, 69 (and counting) independent owner-operators can’t be wrong.

What’s your story?

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