Presenting the new Bookeo API
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July 31, 2015

Presenting the new Bookeo API

Just when you thought Bookeo couldn’t make your life any simpler, we’re thrilled to announce that our new API is officially live.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Basically, it lets third party applications “talk” to Bookeo, query its data and perform many operations without human intervention.

For example, a tourism portal may want to create new bookings in Bookeo automatically, without having to direct its customers to Bookeo.

Another application may want to check the schedule and seat availability of upcoming classes, to display them in a custom format on an external web site.

Or an application may want to query historical booking records to generate custom reports and statistics.

The new Bookeo API allows all these processes to occur automatically, without human intervention. This can greatly simplify and automate many common tasks, saving you time and opening new possibilities.

Real time business processes

The new Bookeo API is also proactive, and it can notify other applications – in real time – when events occur. For example, when a customer makes a booking, Bookeo can send a message to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which can then automatically create a new customer record in its archive, send welcome emails, and more.

The possibilities are endless.

The new API effectively “opens up” Bookeo to a whole new world of services and applications, making your work easier and more streamlined.

Who the API is for

The API benefits two types of users:
  • Existing Bookeo users who want to integrate Bookeo into their business processes and systems. For example, it can be used to manage real time notifications, import data, analyze existing data, integrate with other systems and services, and much more.
  • Software developers who want to integrate Bookeo with their own software or service (ex. sync data between systems) can easily write an “Application” that can be installed by any Bookeo user.


Where to get started

You can find the Bookeo API documentation, examples and full reference at

Using the Bookeo API is easy, but it does require experience in software development. If you do not have experience in software development but want to use the Bookeo API, you can hire a freelance developer on many dedicated marketplaces.

Stay tuned. Integrations with third party services will go live in the coming months, based on the new API.