Best. Gift. Ever: Customizable gift vouchers are here!
Bookeo News
December 14, 2015

Best. Gift. Ever: Customizable gift vouchers are here!

We are thrilled to announce the release of a holiday-perfect feature: customizable gift vouchers. With it, your customers can buy and create elegant, personalized gift certificates for everyone on their list.

And just as cool, you can set your company’s own redemption instructions, and even a custom message for the gift voucher recipient.

Here’s a sample of our new customizable gift voucher:

After purchasing gift vouchers online, your customers can create custom gift cards to give to their loved ones. A custom-designed full color pdf file is instantly generated, ready to be emailed or printed out for snail mail or in-person giving.

When you sell a gift voucher in your shop, you can create and print the gift card with your customer -right from your calendar. Or the purchaser can customize the gift voucher anytime, from the purchase notification email – with a simple click of a button.

Fabulous images to suit you and your customers

Your customers have the option to enhance their gift certificate with an image from the collection offered by Bookeo, or they can upload their own image – for a more personalized gift card. It’s fast, easy, and really looks great.

Samples from the image collection offered by Bookeo

And the same customization is possible if you create gift cards in your shop.

Easy personal messages

Your customers can also add a personal greeting to the recipient. The purchaser simply enters his or her message, and voilà – a wonderfully warm and special gift has been created.

Choose custom or standard redemption instructions

You can use Bookeo’s default voucher redemption instructions, or you can easily enter your own company’s redemption policies, including a message for the recipient.

Your customers are going to love how fast and easy it is to buy and create beautifully personalized gift vouchers for all their friends and family. Your gift vouchers will be the perfect holiday gifts.

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