“My sales increased when I started using Bookeo”
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January 21, 2016

“My sales increased when I started using Bookeo”

If there’s one thing we love to hear from you, our customers, it’s that Bookeo is doing great things for your business.

So it was with great pleasure that we recently heard from Bookeo customer David Weller, owner of SegAway Tours of Columbus.

He told us that his “revenue increased significantly” once he added Bookeo’s online booking system.

We couldn’t ask for more than that, could we? But according to David, Bookeo actually does do more than that for his tour business.

Simple flat monthly fee

On top of increased sales, David tells us that he likes Bookeo’s flat fee monthly cost, adding that it’s “very reasonable.” What’s more, he appreciates that his customers don’t have to pay any additional fee either when they book a reservation using Bookeo.


Many other booking systems charge a percentage of revenue or charge the customer,” says David. He’s been approached by other online booking vendors which charge the business owner a commission on their sales or charge the end user to complete a reservation. But like many entrepreneurs, he doesn’t think that’s a smart way to do business. “I don’t feel that a customer should have to pay an additional fee simply to conduct business with you,” he says.

Quick + easy schedule changes

David also tells us that Bookeo is “very simple to use and flexible.” Here’s an example: Tourists make up the bulk of his customers, so last minute schedule changes are common.


With Bookeo, David says that “changes can be made quickly and instantaneously to adapt to schedule changes for our tour.”

24/7/365 service

His customers can (and do) make their reservations 24 hours a day. So even though he hasn’t hired an employee to take reservations, Bookeo “assures me that I’m not missing potential business when I’m unable to answer the phone,” he says.

It’s a lot of business too: Approximately 90% to 95% of David’s business is now generated online through Bookeo. That includes gift certificates which he can now sell instantaneously online instead of fielding phone calls and snail-mailing hard copies.

David says people like having the option and security of reserving their tours online: tech savvy customers appreciate supplying credit card info through an encrypted online system rather than reading it to someone over the phone.

Eliminates hours of work

Any other reasons this entrepreneur likes Bookeo best? Actually, yes. For one, he says that setting up Bookeo wasn’t difficult and that it’s very easy to make adjustments if needed.

What’s more, David tells us that Bookeo saves him time by automatically sending clients email reminders with important tour info that used to require hours on the phone. Bookeo even helps him promote his business: with Bookeo it’s easy to create and manage discount promotion codes for large groups.

To sum up: Bookeo has eliminated hours of work for David every day while dramatically increasing his company’s sales. Not bad for a reasonably-priced flat fee online booking system, is it?


Next time you’re in the Ohio capital area, give David Weller a shout. We’re sure you’ll have a blast Segwaying through downtown “C-bus” – and we guarantee you’ll have an easy time making your online reservation too.