Fewer Abandoned Bookings with New Express Checkout
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January 13, 2017

Fewer Abandoned Bookings with New Express Checkout

Did you know that an alarming 68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned by customers? It’s true. And 27% are abandoned because customers say the checkout process is “Too long/complicated.”

It’s no wonder. When customers are excited about your service, they don’t want to waste time clicking through page after page just to make their booking. Multiple clicks and form pages are frustrating, and many people may bail before buying.

Once again, Bookeo to the rescue! We’re making abandoned checkouts a thing of the past with our new faster checkout – plus and a new easy Date Picker. They both make booking a breeze for your customers.

Faster, express checkouts for all
Whether you currently use Bookeo’s booking cart or not, your customer’s booking experience will now be speedier and easier. How? We’ve reduced the number of pages, steps, and clicks required to complete a booking online.

So while your customer’s booking experience is streamlined and quick, you still get all the info you need to keep your business running smooth as silk. Best of all, reducing “form fatigue” means more conversions and more sales.

It’s easy to enable your express checkout:

  • If you do NOT use Bookeo’s Booking Cart, simply go to your account Settings>Booking Preferences. Scroll to the Express Checkout section. Here you can enable your express checkout, which lets your customers enter their booking options (such as customer info, participant info, and credit card details) all on the same page. See an example of Bookeo‘s new express checkout here.
  • If you DO use Bookeo’s Booking Cart, you now have the option to remove the review page (where customers see of all their bookings in their cart). Just go to your account Settings>Booking Preferences, in the Booking cart section simply untick the Review page checkbox.

Here’s what the review page normally looks like:

Click here to see what the checkout looks like without the review page.


Choosing a date is now easier too

If you are using the booking mode to show your upcoming tours, games, or classes on your booking page, you’re going to love the new Date Picker now also shown at the bottom of the booking page. It makes it even easier for your customers to pick a future date, or to see the availability for the following days.

Even better, you don’t have to do anything. The Pick Date and Following Days buttons now appear automatically at the top and bottom of your upcoming tours/games/classes list.

Here’s what the bookings page now looks like:

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