These new dashboard icons will save you time and clicks
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November 11, 2019

These new dashboard icons will save you time and clicks

If you’ve been spending time clicking into your bookings to find outstanding payments or bookings, class/tour notes, you are going to flip over this new feature.

Now, if there’s an outstanding payment or notes on your bookings or class/tours, you’ll automatically see a new icon right on your dashboard calendar.

The outstanding payment icon is a currency symbol. The notes icon is a pencil. They’re both very helpful. Here’s what they look like:


See everything at a glance

These new icons will also appear for specific bookings. That means if you see one of these icons for a class/tour, just click on it and you’ll instantly see which specific bookings have outstanding payments or notes. An asterisk will show on the booking’s Notes tab if there are class/tour notes.

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We’re really proud of this new feature because it saves you even more time and makes your business run even more smoothly. Please let us know what you think, and whether you have any other ideas to make Bookeo better for your business.