Sync customers between Bookeo and over 160 apps with Piesync
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February 7, 2020

Sync customers between Bookeo and over 160 apps with Piesync

We are thrilled to announce that Piesync, a third party company, has built an integration with Bookeo that allows you to sync customers between Bookeo and over 160 applications, including marketing, sales and customer service platforms – such as Infusionsoft, ConstantContact, and Active campaign.

How the integration works
With PieSync you can sync customer details – including standard and custom fields – between Bookeo and many applications without the need of a developer.

You can personalize the synchronization by making the sync go two-way or one-way, applying filters, and customizing the field mapping. The sync happens automatically according to your settings and, therefore, contacts will be always uptodate.

Setup PieSync

You will no longer need to manually export and import customers – saving time on data entries and preventing manual errors.

You can learn more about the integration in our tutorial here

Piesync offers a 14-day free trial, but fees apply to use Piesync after the free trial.

Bookeo will not charge you if you integrate your account with Piesync, since the integration is included in the monthly subscription of your Bookeo account.

If you sync Bookeo with another app via Piesync, the other app may charge its own fees.