New registration option for customer-focused businesses
Bookeo News
May 16, 2023

New registration option for customer-focused businesses

A successful business is always focused on customers.

Bookeo is more than just a scheduling tool, it also helps build a stronger connection with your customers, which allows you to increase your revenue.

Bookeo lets you to keep a history of each customer activity so that you can spot trends, give a more personalized service to each customer, offer incentives – for example, service bundles or memberships – and reward loyalty by awarding credits.

To reap the benefits of all these features, it’s important to link bookings made by a customer to a single customer profile. This is why Bookeo has now launched a new way to identify returning customers, which keeps the booking process as simple as possible, while still enjoying all the benefits of a strong customer relationship.

You can now choose between 3 options on how you want to identify customers when they book online. Now you can set that your customers will either:

  • Never set a password or verify their identity.  With this setting, customers are never required to set a password. If a customer returns to make a booking, the system will create a new customer profile.

  • Set a password the first time they make an online booking with your business, during the checkout process. This is how all Customer Registration-enabled accounts have worked in the past.

  • Set a password or verify their identity if they make a subsequent booking. In this case, when customers return to make a new booking, and checkout with the email address associated with their customer profile, they will see a message with easy steps to verify their identity or set a password for their account. After verifying their identity or setting a password, customers can then check out as returning customers. This option works well if your business has many one-time customers and some returning customers.

Every business is different, and this is why Bookeo offers multiple ways to work with customers, to better fit your business needs, and build a strong customer base.

You can learn more about this new feature here.

We know you’ll find this new feature especially helpful with your customer relations and business success. Please be sure to let us know what you think!