Never miss another last-minute game or tour booking
Bookeo News
December 19, 2023

Never miss another last-minute game or tour booking

Just in the nick of time, Bookeo is thrilled to announce two new features to help you better capture last-minute bookings and staff slots more efficiently.

This feature is specific to Bookeo Tours and Activities, our product designed for tour operators, escape games and similar activities. These businesses often can allow last minute bookings if for example other activities are already booked, since their staff would already be on the premises anyway.

In a nutshell: You can now set dynamic booking limits and a call-to-book button for last-minute bookings. If you’ve missed out on last-minute booking revenues in the past, these new features will massively improve your scheduling flexibility and maximize your revenue potential.

Dynamic booking limits

Want to accept last-minute bookings only on weekends? Or do you need less notice for extra reservations if the game is already booked? Dynamic booking limits let you customize advance booking notice times for regular games or tours to be automatically triggered when certain conditions are present.

Example 1: If you require shorter notice on weekends than you need on weekdays, let’s say you could set a 10-minute minimum advance booking time for games/tours that start on Saturdays between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, instead of the default of 1 hour.

Example 2: If you staff your shop only if you receive a booking for a tour or game, you could require one hour notice for the first bookings but then require only 5-minute notice for all bookings after that – whether the booking is for the same tour or game or another tour or game offered at the same time. That means that once there is already a booking to staff a particular tour or game, you can keep accepting new bookings for that slot right up until 5 minutes before it starts. Talk about efficiency!

Learn more here

“Call to book” feature

Now you can encourage last-minute customers to call your business to book after your advance booking deadline has passed. Simply set those slots to display a “Call to book” CTA. Learn more here

As always, if you wish, you can opt to stop displaying a game or tour after the advance booking time has passed.

Goodbye, lost business and last-minute scrambles

We’re always excited when we can simplify your life and help you grow your business faster and easier. With these two new features, we’re sure you’ll be able to capture more last-minute bookings easily, without any last-minute scramble. As always, we want your feedback, so please let us know how these new features are working for you.