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No matter if you are an individual personal trainer, in charge of a small group, or running a franchise, Bookeo’s personal trainer appointment booking system offers a streamlined solution to cater to all your requirements. Simplify your appointment scheduling, expand your business, and streamline administrative tasks.
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Bookeo is your all-in-one 24/7 personal training scheduling software. We schedule clients, process bookings and payments, send automatic reminders, and market your business.

Get bookings and payments 24/7

Let your clients view your live availability for personal training, book their sessions, and process payments at their convenience, from any location, on any device with our personal trainer booking app.

Enhance your booking conversion rates with a sophisticated reservation page, selecting from a variety of customizable designs. Customize the color scheme and style to seamlessly align with your brand identity.

Website-integrated or standalone

Embed Bookeo’s personal training schedule software seamlessly on your website, allowing customers to book personal training sessions without being redirected to a third-party website or pop-up windows or overlays.

Alternatively, use the standalone brandable booking page provided by Bookeo’s personal trainer booking system. Simply insert your unique booking page URL into your email signature, business card, and online accounts for a streamlined booking process.

Offer personal training services that will get you more clients

Goodbye, repetitive admin tasks

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Automatically send personalized booking confirmation emails to your clients with our personal trainer booking system.

clock reminder


Minimize expensive no-shows with automated reminders via email and text before each personal training appointment.



Gather client feedback and encourage reviews on platforms such as Facebook or Yelp using automated follow-up emails after bookings.

online calendar


Enable your clients to reschedule or cancel their personal training sessions online with Bookeo’s personal trainer booking app, without the need to contact you directly.

You guys have the right attitude. It is a very slick and “clean” program, especially the online widgets and user experience.
Smartbody Studio, Patrick Johnson

See all your bookings and payments in one place

online payments
Online bookings and payments
Once clients book and make payments for personal training sessions using our personal trainer scheduling software, your dashboard will immediately update to reflect the changes. This ensures that your schedule and all reservation and transaction details are always up-to-date in real-time.
pos payment
In-store and online bookings and payments
Easily track bookings and payments processed in-store, on-the-go, or via phone. Our integrated POS payment system ensures that in-person and mobile tap-and-swipe payments are instantly reflected on your dashboard.

Offer online personal training

Expand your client base and service range with virtual personal training. Once clients schedule a session from your available times, they automatically get a link for the meeting, thanks to our smooth Zoom integration. 

When it’s time for the live stream, just start the meeting from your dashboard and greet your happy clients.

Effortlessly organized calendar

Say goodbye to overlapping bookings or hastily written reminders. Conveniently view your schedule anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Your calendar will automatically synchronize with your personal Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, or Office 365 using our online personal trainer booking software. Stay informed about new bookings, modifications, or cancellations of personal training sessions.

Finally, an organized client database

Bookeo’s personal trainer appointment booking system keeps your client data well-organized and up-to-date. Access complete and current contact information of each client wherever and whenever you need.

Go digital with integrated intake forms, gathering all necessary client details before each session. Enable clients to store their information for quicker online checkouts for future appointments.

Marketing tools that beat the competition

Receive payments upfront with personal training passes. Generate steady revenue by offering memberships with various payment options.

Facilitate clients in booking multiple sessions with an integrated booking cart. Sell gift vouchers effortlessly online, in-store, and on the move with our  scheduling software for personal trainers.

Flexible personal training scheduling

advanced-scheduling salon


Easily set different durations and prices for personal training sessions.

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Assign personal traininers to specific services and set working hours for each personal trainer and location.

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Easy recurring personal training sessions bookings – for the same or varying days and times of the week.

Flexible personal training scheduling

advanced-scheduling salon


Easily set different durations and prices for personal training sessions.

rostering tiny


Assign personal traininers to specific services and set working hours for each personal trainer and location.

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Easy recurring personal training sessions bookings – for the same or varying days and times of the week.

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Powering scheduling for thousands of businesses

Our collaboration with clients has shaped Bookeo’s robust, yet intuitive personal training schedule software, designed for enterprises like yours. Since the start, we’ve expanded to support thousands of businesses across over 120 countries, in more than 35 different languages.

32 billion

client booking revenue

86 million

bookings processed

42 thousand

active users

Connects to the tools you love

Save time and automate workflows with our personal trainer scheduling software’s seamless integrations with systems and solutions tailored to your business. Here are just a few examples.

We are here to help you

Outstanding Customer Support

Every one of our customer support members is deeply committed to offering you unmatched assistance and support for your personal trainer scheduling system, whenever you may need it.

Bookeo scales with you

Whether you’re a solo personal trainer, a small fitness studio, or a larger gym, our scheduling software for personal trainers adapts to match the scale of your operations seamlessly. Bookeo is ideal for a wide range of fitness professionals and businesses.

Bookeo Rocks!

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A personal trainer booking software streamlines the management of your fitness business by automating and optimizing various tasks. This includes handling appointments, organizing schedules, processing payments, sending automated reminders, coordinating personal trainer schedules, and promoting your training services.

Using Bookeo’s personal trainer booking system not only saves time but also enhances overall efficiency, giving you more opportunities to concentrate on delivering exceptional personal training, nurturing client relationships, and expanding your business.

A personal trainer appointment booking system securely compiles and stores data, accessible anytime, from any device. You have the option to limit access to this information to authorized staff and trainers, and control which reservations each team member can view and handle.

Personal trainer booking software shifts your focus from time-consuming administrative tasks to client engagement and business growth. It prevents overbookings and missed appointments, seamlessly sends email and text reminders to clients, and facilitates secure online and in-store booking and payment processes.

A personal trainer booking system allows you to tailor your team’s availability, specifying the working hours of each trainer and accounting for their days off. Additionally, both you and your team can synchronize the personal trainer booking software’s calendar with personal calendars like Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Outlook.

Bookeo’s scheduling software for personal trainers also enables you to offer both physical and virtual personal training sessions. When clients book an online session, they automatically receive a meeting link, courtesy of Bookeo’s integration with Zoom.

While personal trainer booking software typically brings to mind gyms or individual trainers, but it can also be beneficial for many other industries. These include fitness studios, health clubs, yoga and Pilates studios, and more. Any entity managing appointments for one-on-one or semi-private personal training, or organizing smaller group classes, and aiming for a streamlined booking process, organized scheduling, and efficient business operations, can leverage Bookeo’s personal training schedule software.

Bookeo’s personal trainer booking app offers remarkable flexibility and ease for both your staff and clients. Its dashboard keeps your bookings current, ensuring you’re always on top of your schedule.

Clients appreciate the convenience of booking, cancelling, or rescheduling their sessions online anytime, without the need to phone in.

Starting with Bookeo’s scheduling software for personal trainers is straightforward. Register for a complimentary 30-day trial, no credit card required. Input your business specifics, details of personal training sessions, and group classes if offered. Define your personal training services, and enhance your listing with images and videos.

For booking, opt for Bookeo’s customizable booking page or embed the Bookeo widget on your website, allowing clients to book directly from your website without any overlays or pop-ups.

Tailor the look of your booking page with colors and styles that match your brand, and choose from Bookeo’s selection of elegant layout templates for a professional touch.

To handle online payments, integrate a supported payment gateway.

Now, Bookeo’s personal trainer booking system will manage your bookings 24/7.

With Bookeo’s personal training schedule software, you can take advantage of its advanced marketing capabilities to get more bookings and accelerate revenue growth.

Utilize our personal trainer appointment booking system to effortlessly offer upgrades and extras alongside your training sessions. Implement special offers to promote the introduction of new training options or during traditionally quieter times.

Enhance your business by introducing prepaid packages that offer exceptional value to your clients. With options like 5 sessions for the price of 4, you not only secure advanced payments but also cultivate client loyalty and promote repeat business. These packages are a win-win solution, benefiting both you and your clients.

Take advantage of the flexibility to choose between one-time or recurring payment options for memberships, while providing members with exclusive rates and access to members-only training sessions.

By offering gift vouchers for sale both online and in-store, you can substantially enhance your sales and generate supplementary income for your business.