Women Book More Online Appointments than Men
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September 12, 2016

Women Book More Online Appointments than Men

HomeKeeping an online appointment calendar is all about organization. After all, what good is an online reservation system if you can’t figure out how to use it? But according to a new survey, female entrepreneurs may have a new incentive to go digital: profit.

According to a recent survey released last Tuesday by PRWeb, 65% of all appointments made online are women. From nail and hair appointments to veterinary check-ups to massage appointments, 67% of businesses that accept online appointments are owned by women. In a world where women make 80% of household purchase decisions, the viable customer base for most businesses has spoken. They want online appointment scheduling and they want it now.

This gender-trending is not exclusive to booking online. A 2010 survey from the Neilsen Company found that women shop online more often than men, with women leading in almost every online purchase category. This addiction to online shopping amongst the fairer sex has led female entrepreneurs to give the people what they want, outstripping their male counterparts in digitizing the old appointment book.

As mobile devices become more prevalent, so will digital business tools like online appointment booking and other, faster booking solutions. Some businesses and online booking systems even offer cloud-based appointments and text appointments, which should help female businesses increase profits further still. According to Neilsen, women send 30% more text messages than men per quarter.