Mobile Revolution Puts Calendars In The Clouds
Small Business
October 30, 2016

Mobile Revolution Puts Calendars In The Clouds

It is hard to believe that just a decade ago, the cell phone was little more than an ardent luxury for the self-important busybody. Today, smartphones are everywhere and have evolved into entirely new breeds of mobile connectivity. Once a small business staple, the personal computer acted as a command center for all things organization. But today, that one-stop-shop method is dead. We need our info on all screens all the time.

This revolution is not small in numbers. In 2011, 41% percent of workers used personal technology to access business applications, up from 31% in 2010, according to a March report released by IDC and Unisys. While the study included personal computers, a Nielsen survey found that consumers who owned a tablet were less likely to use the traditional computer.

That’s why traditional business programming like appointment calendars, class scheduling and billing software have all moved online, into the cloud. This method of online appointment scheduling allows your employees access to information from anywhere, making your increasingly mobile business as speedy as your customer base.

These more agile solutions will continue as these mobile devices get more powerful and access to wi-fi becomes more universal. Until then, you can keep your post-it notes on the office monitor. But if the numbers are any indicator, their days are numbered.