Using Value-Driven Practicality to Increase Direct Bookings
Small Business
June 21, 2017

Using Value-Driven Practicality to Increase Direct Bookings

In order to have a successful business, regardless of industry, you rely on customers to engage with your business and your product. While this is easy for companies who offer an actual product, such as retail or car dealerships, the same cannot be said for other industries. How do you guarantee that customers will take an interest in your product if what you are selling is not a tangible good, but rather an experience? This is the problem that businesses such as salons, escape rooms and guided tours are faced with – day in and day out. How do we improve chances for consumers to buy our service so that we can increase our direct bookings?

One strategy that has proven to be effective in increasing direct bookings – often it’s the simplest strategy – is gauging the user-friendliness of a website. A website is often the first interaction a potential client has with your business. In order to keep customers on your site and engage them with your business to increase direct bookings, you need to have a site that works efficiently in every aspect and across any device. Use your website to convey the story of your company in an effort to add value to the experiences you offer.

An increase in direct bookings is also heavily related to the integration of online reservation systems and booking software. Many people looking to travel or planing an event turn immediately to the internet for information. Once they’ve found the information they are looking for, if you have an online reservation system on your website, customers can book and pay seamlessly for the services or experiences you offer. The easier it is to make a reservation or book a service, the more prospect customers you can convert. Online reservation systems make it easier for businesses to convert visitors into customers, in a few clicks.

Additionally, social media is an excellent tool for increasing direct bookings. Millions of users engage with social media every day. Industries that sell experiences and not tangible products can rely greatly on social media in a twofold process for capturing the market. Social media is not only great for word of mouth marketing, but also an exceptional digital marketing platform. Sharing blogs, videos, and other relevant content about your services can capture segments of your market that you otherwise could not reach.

In the end, creating a strategy that results in the improvement of direct bookings stems from initiatives that are driven in forcing value. When shopping for products and experiences, potential clients are asking, “Why do I need this service or experience?”. By demonstrating what customers can get from your services and offering online reservations, you can create value that ultimately results in the increase of direct bookings.