The Growing Impact of Online Reservation Systems
Small Business
August 18, 2017

The Growing Impact of Online Reservation Systems

If there is one element of business that is here to stay, it’s technology. The integration of technology into business comes in many forms. From the automatization of banking with newly advanced ATMs to the recent expansion of credit card chip readers, technology has a way of improving how businesses become profitable.

As technology grows, so does the necessity for Internet-integrated businesses. One Internet-based feature that an increasing number of businesses are beginning to adopt is an online reservation system. An online reservation system is a software platform that is installed into a website or app, allowing customers to book, reserve, and pay for activities and services online. Once prospective clients find the service that interests them, they fill out the booking form with their information and desired booking details, then submit it. This information is immediately received by the company. Online reservation systems, like Bookeo, offer a safe and secure platform for consumers to complete the booking process. That’s why a number of industries already use online reservation systems to book tours, classes, and appointments.

Online reservation systems provide a number of benefits for the business and its customers. Some of these benefits include 24/7 access to book appointments for the consumer and booking notifications automatically sent to the company. Online reservation systems minimize the necessity of workloads for your staff, optimize customer service that increases value in the eye of the consumer, and streamline your payment services, just to name a few.

Implementing an online reservation system has had a number of benefits for business owners across all industries in terms of conversions. As consumers are increasingly becoming mobile, the ability to book a class or appointment anywhere, anytime, is showing a positive impact on converting prospects into clients. The advent of online reservation systems directly addresses a convenience pain point for consumers. Once a prospective client is ready to book, they have reached the end part of their decision-making process. With increased access to bookings through online reservation systems, conversions can happen at a faster and more streamlined rate.

If increasing conversions, streamlining processes, and creating a more user-friendly experience feel like a necessary strategy for your business, then you should consider implementing an online reservation system. When considering an online reservation system, there are a number of key features that have proven to help the success of the conversion rate. These features include:

  • Real Time Booking and availability: this eliminates the need for constantly attending to the phones. Instead, prospective clients have immediate and 24/7 access to book appointments, classes, and tours.
  • Attractive Call to Action: Having a layout that prominently displays your call to action button makes it easier for prospective client to further engage with your business and complete the booking process. Additionally, an easy-to-use button encourages repeat visits.
  • Social Media Integration: With millions of users on social media, being able to incorporate a safe and easy way for prospective clients to book and pay for your tours and services also increases your visibility and improves conversions.
  • Visual Online Calendar: An online calendar easily shows both the prospective client and the business what appointments are still available and what has been booked in an easy, visual format. It also improves planning processes for the day for businesses.

As internet-based solutions – such as online reservation systems – propel companies to successful compete in the 21st century, it’s important to understand their impact and how they can benefit your business. For more information on Bookeo’s online reservation system for your tours, classes, and appointments, be sure to visit our site.