Common Online Booking Myths That Need to be Debunked
Small Business
May 9, 2018

Common Online Booking Myths That Need to be Debunked

Integrating appointment booking software has proven to be a business enhancer and virtual lifesaver for business owners across a number of industries. Everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies have experienced the benefits of integrating an online appointment booking platform into their business strategy. While this software has become more and more popular, there are still some business owners who are apprehensive about using an online booking system.

Here are a few of those myths debunked.

  1. Online booking software will overbook/double-book my appointment calendar
    The great part about online booking is that it allows the business owner and their clients to create a schedule that works for them. With an online appointment scheduler, you can determine which openings are visible and the capacity for each. You can leave it at one appointment per hour for your photography business or set up a registration limit for your yoga class.
  1. My business isn’t the right fit for online booking software
    Online appointment scheduling is easy enough to adapt to any industry. As long as an element of your business is client-facing, appointment scheduling online can fit seamlessly into your business strategy. Complex services can actually benefit greatly from online booking because it helps to streamline the complexity of their services and bookings.
  1. I’m no longer in control of my schedule
    This is common belief that many business owners have. They assume that online booking automatically means you have to be available all the time. The only part of your business that is 24/7 is the online booking platform itself. This software will give users the ability to book appointments at their convenience, but only in time slots that you’ve allowed open. The right software still keeps you in control.

Don’t let myths about online booking scare you away from helping your business thrive. Find out for yourself and learn more about Bookeo’s online booking software today.