Online Booking Software Boost Attendance At Autumn Events
Small Business
September 10, 2018

Online Booking Software Boost Attendance At Autumn Events

While the official first day of autumn is Sept. 22, those who expect to a see a major bump in business as a result of the changing seasons have likely already been in a fall mindset for weeks. That’s because hayrides, apple-picking events, pumpkin-carving gatherings and Halloween costume parades don’t happen without a hitch without plenty of planning. Thus, those who are organizing these events that are hallmarks of fall must account for every last detail. After that, organizers also have to find a way to promote their event and provide a convenient way for interested guests to sign up. To accomplish this, more and more small businesses and event hosts are turning to online booking software. These convenient programs are designed with the tour-booking manager in mind and those considering the investment will soon see why it perfectly lends itself to fall-themed events.

According to recent statistics from the American Automobile Association (AAA), 28 percent of Americans will take a vacation between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. As AAA’s senior vice president of travel and publishing said in a press release, fall “offers more opportunities for them to explore a destination’s local culture, thanks to fewer crowds and mild weather.” These folks who’ll be looking for new and seasonal experiences are often going to be relying on search engine results to show them local events worth checking out. From the business owner’s perspective, there needs to be a way to use online booking software to turn interested shoppers into registered attendees. When these programs are integrated with online travel agency websites such as Expedia or your company’s website or Facebook page, visitors can seal the deal right there. Fall hayrides might not be a dime a dozen, but it’s a safe bet that someone will look elsewhere if they have to book in-person rather than in advance – and from the comfort of their own home.

The framework that makes online booking software from Bookeo work for event organizers is that it eliminates opportunities for something to go wrong. There’s no need to keep a physical ledger that contains names and contact information for everyone who has registered for 2 p.m.’s pumpkin-picking walk on a given day. Online booking software, as the name suggests, means that there were no prolonged phone calls with customers on the fence about signing up. The way that this software works also means that double-bookings will become a thing of the past. As a direct result of that, you are far less likely to be dealing with unhappy customers contemplating negative online reviews. Rather, people returning with bushels of apples are singing the praises of your orchard and anticipating making cider!